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Back in 2006, Marty Metro had a “ahead of its time” idea for large-scale box reuse. That idea needed both a plan and financial backing. When Marty met David Krasnow, the plan and financial backing came to fruition and an incredible partnership was formed.

Marty Metro


Marty Metro, Founder / CEO, is an entrepreneurial trailblazer with an unyielding “if at first you don’t succeed” spirit. In 2002, well before the environmental movement took off as we know it, Marty launched Boomerang Boxes, a chain of eco-friendly retail stores that bought/sold USED moving boxes… But just 3 years in, it became clear his attempt was premature, undercapitalized and riddled with logistic flaws. In short, it was simply not “sustainable”.

Devastated but not discouraged, Metro took a “day job” as a technology consultant (leveraging his then-outdated knowledge of SAP) and spent nights and weekends rehashing his mistakes. After revising the business plan, raising capital, and launching a scalable, tech-centric model – grew to a national reuse logistics firm working with many of the largest, most trusted companies in the country.

Entrepreneur Magazine featured Metro and in an article entitled:

“From Business Failure to Multimillion-Dollar ‘Green’ Niche“

Metro and his team leveraged the knowledge, experience and technology they had created over the years, to tackle ALL solid waste, via UCBZeroWaste. This new asset-light company is a waste reduction firm that helps its clients manage ALL commodities, ALL vendors, ALL logistics, ALL monthly invoicing and ALL reporting, using its own proprietary software called WATER (Waste Analytics & Tracking for Environmental Reporting). UCBZeroWaste’s program and software are now used by some of the largest, most recognizable brands in the country, including McCormick Spice (#14 Most Sustainable Corporation and #1 in Food).

Additions to the portfolio include both UCBPalletSolutions and UCBOrganicWaste… and UCBEnvironmental was created to manage and support all of these offerings.

Metro graduated Cum Laude from the University of Maryland and holds an MBA in Information Systems & Management from the University of Arizona, before beginning his career as a SAP consultant with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).

David Krasnow


David Krasnow, COO / CFO, brings a unique venture capital perspective to the realm of sustainable packaging and recycling. Since co-founding in 2006 and joining as COO / CFO, David has played an instrumental role in propelling UCB into a thriving enterprise.

David is the financial, technological and operational “architect” of UCB and all of its divisions.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the business world, David has been honored with the prestigious Waste360 “40 Under 40” award, an accolade reserved for individuals who have achieved remarkable success in their careers before reaching the age of 40. His accomplishments focus on the balance of both financial and environmental impact, solidifying his well-deserved place among this elite group of achievers.

David graduated with Honors and Highest Distinction from the University of San Diego with a degree in Computer Science and Management. After graduation, he spent five years in a leading venture capital firm focusing on sustainable investments, where he met Marty.

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