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Sustainable Sustainability™

UsedCardboardBoxes.com was founded in 2006 and is the largest processor of USED gaylord totes, produce totes, resin/octo-bins and shipping boxes in North America.


We REUSE, RESELL, and RETURN the USED gaylord totes, as is, right here in the US. USED totes are mainly sold to major retailers for reverse logistics, or to large scrap processors (metal, plastic, paper, etc.) to sort / transport commodities. USED shipping boxes are sold mainly to major retailers for distribution from DC to store and many are used to create UCB’s eco-friendly moving kits, sold online. As a closed-loop RETURN program, gaylord totes, resin bin and shipping boxes can be sorted, inspected, palletized, inventoried, and RETURNED back to the original vendor, for reuse (at significant savings).


UCBZeroWaste is a world-class, fully managed waste reduction program. We partner with major food, beverage and CPG clients to implement our proven methodology to reduce waste by focusing on the origin of waste (inside the building) as well as the processing of waste (outside the building). Our comprehensive programs include waste reduction, recycling, reuse, resale as well as de-packaging, digesting, composting, and/or waste-to-energy (WTE). We manage all commodities, all vendors, all logistics, all invoicing and all reporting. All programs are proactively managed, real-time using UCB’s proprietary software called WATER (Waste Analytics & Tracking for Environmental Reporting).


Building upon our commitment to responsible resource management, UCBPalletSolutions emerged as the natural extension of our sustainability journey. After building the largest USED gaylord tote processor in North America, we couldn’t ignore that almost every gaylord requires a pallet. Our clients valued a one-stop shop where they could get the best of both worlds. With the introduction of UCBPalletSolutions, we became a reliable one-stop shop, offering both USED cardboard boxes and USED pallet solutions. This expansion wasn’t just about meeting broader needs; it was a strategic step towards further waste reduction and resource conservation.


In our unwavering commitment to a more sustainable planet, the inception of UCBOrganicWaste was a pivotal step. UCBOrganicWaste’s dedication revolves around mitigating the impact of organic waste, encompassing a wide range of materials from food production byproducts to packaged goods and wastewater treatment sludge. Leveraging state-of-the-art facilities across the nation through our trusted partners and vendors, along with innovative techniques, UCBOrganicWaste transforms organic waste into valuable resources including animal feed, top-tier compost and renewable energy. Founded in California, a region known for its stringent organic waste laws, UCBOrganicWaste serves as a pioneering force, offering solutions applicable throughout North America. By diverting waste from landfills, UCBOrganicWaste assumes a vital role in fostering a healthier ecosystem, aligning with our broader mission of sustainable sustainability.

A Continuum of Sustainability

Today, UCBEnvironmental stands as a testament to innovation, evolution and a shared commitment to sustainable practices. From USED boxes to comprehensive waste reduction, and from repurposed pallets to organic waste recycling, each organization contributes a unique but intertwined piece of our overarching mission. We will continue to create and acquire world-class solutions to help our clients implement Sustainable Sustainability™.

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